Infusion helps with your Confusion!

We’ve all been there! It’s mid-winter, the mornings are dark, late afternoon even darker, you arrive home but this time something’s different – something doesn’t feel quite right, it’s cold and the first thing you do is touch the radiator, nothing……. it’s stone cold!

You check the boiler, and everything you’re capable of checking is correct. So the next thing to do would be to get a Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineer out – and he gives you the dreaded news, it’s the worst case scenario – you need a boiler replacement ASAP. But where do you go? Who do you turn to? What do you need? Our advice would be to get 3 different quotations to compare against one another.


Where to look for a Boiler

Years ago, you would have grabbed the Yellow pages for local boiler installation companies, but now everything has pretty much moved “online” and that’s where the fun really starts. The online trend today is very much “Click & Collect” to go on the World Wide Web and answer a few basic questions, and three minutes later “Hey Presto” you can have a boiler installation in that location and here is the cost!!! But is it really accurate?


Andy InfusionAlthough it’s very much here to stay it’s fraught with potential problems – is it the correct system for your needs, for example? In certain circumstances no it won’t be. With a large family, a Boiler (Unvented cylinder combination) would be more cost effective. If you do choose a Combination boiler you then have to assess “How fast” does your tap run? If you’re not sure you have to do a test yourself timing how long it takes to fill a pint glass. Then there’s the gas, the fluing options, the radiator valve options, will it require a power flush? Do you want your boiler moving if replacing an existing one? Etc etc etc!!!

There’s no doubt that large companies are trying to address customers “Pain Points” by building software that makes the customers experience easy, but at the same time they’re creating a potential problem for the customer. For example, they could have inputted the wrong information on the initial application, or let’s say something on site isn’t quite right and alterations have to be made at a further cost.


Boiler Replacement in Doncaster

At Infusion Plumbing & Heating LTD here in Doncaster, we give home owners the personal touch, holding your hand step by step with help, guidance & advice to find the best boiler replacement for your property. Drawing on 30 years of experience, everything from which manufacturer to choose, what warranties each one provides to the latest smart technology available, we can guide you along the way. We conduct a test on your water main (using the correct instruments) to see what size boiler you could have, we calculate the heat requirements of your building and help take any stress away that comes with arguably one of the biggest and most important purchases for your home. Remember it gets used EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If you are in need of advice and guidance from professionals, we are always on hand for a no-obligation chat. Just give one of our friendly team a call on 01302 272 528 or get in touch through our contact form and we can give you the help you need to feel confident that you have all the information required before going ahead with a boiler installation.